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Adashino is a traditional Japanese restaurant located near Nison-in temple in Kyoto’s popular Arashiyama district. They say that the space they are using for the shop is an unaltered ‘Hatago’(lodgings for travelers in Edo period) from 150 years ago. The stone walls and earthen floor really bring about a historical atmosphere to the shop interior. As for the food, they have Soba, Udon, and Yudofu(bean curd boiled in thin broth), but I would suggest their ‘Zosui’(porridge of rice and vegetables). There aren’t very many shops like this with such a vast variety. On our visit, we went to try their prized ‘Zosui’.


I ordered the ‘Adashino Zosui’, which has the store’s name in it. It came out piping hot in an iron pot. There was enough soup that you couldn’t see the rice and in it were scrambled eggs and a copious amount of various mushrooms like enoki and shiitake. In the very center was a roasted rice cake.


You take the meal from the serving bowl and place it in your own dish. The fragrant soup really gets your appetite going. The iron pot is very hot so it’s best to take care so as not to burn yourself. The exquisitely soft rice and egg with the soup was delectable. The mushrooms and other greens complemented the dish splendidly as well.


The rice cake was also soaked in flavor and was delicious. Once you’ve had a few bites, you can really feel its volume. The flavors in ‘Adashino zosui’ are relatively distinct. Above all, the fact that I could eat it from a pot that hot was very pleasant. I’d definitely recommend it for the colder months.




The restaurant interior has so much atmosphere. There is also a fairly generous amount of seating. Should you ever find yourself sight-seeing in Arashiyama, give this restaurant a visit.


Address 11 Monzen Chojincho, Saganisonin, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel 075-871-7125
Open 10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Access 10 minute walk from City Bus Stop Saga Shakado-mae
15 minute walk from JR SagaArashiyama Station

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