Bon-to no Akari ni Shitashimu Kai (Torin-in Temple’s light-up)

Area West
Category Festival


Torin-in Temple, which is known for it's 300-year-old sal tree, is one of the sub-temple of Myoshin-ji Temple. Normally, Torin-in Temple is not open to the public, but this event includes a special exhibition. The event is has become an annual fall custom. The light of over 400 candles shines within the temple grounds, creating an ethereal world. There's nothing showy here, but an autumn night surrounded by quietly flickering candlelight and the voices of insects calms the soul. The gardens are especially enshrouded in the sublime light, and it's worth seeing the characters of '明月清風' emerge.


The gate to Torin-in Temple. Normally, entrance is not allowed, but pilgrims are welcomed during this event.


Candles have been lit sparingly.


The rooms are also illuminated only by candles. The harmony of candlelight and tranquility give rise to a truly ethereal atmosphere.

Address Hanazono Myoshinjicho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 616-8035, Japan
Tel 075-463-1334
Open 10/5 - 10/14 (2012)
6:00p.m. - 9:00p.m.
Admission 500yen
Access 5 minute walk from JR Hanazono Station
3 minute walk from Keifuku Myoshin-ji Station
City Bus Stop Myoshin-ji
City Bus Stop Myoshin-ji-kita-mon

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