Byodo-in Temple

Area Near Kyoto City
Category Temple / World Heritage


Byodo-in Temple is a Buddhist temple, located in Uji city, Kyoto Prefecture. this temple was originally built in 998 during the Heian period as a private villa of Fujiwara-no-Michinaga, one of the most powerful imperial court officer. this villa was converted to a Buddhist temple by Fujiwara-no-Yorimichi, other leading court officer, in 1052. one year later, the most famous building in the temple, Amida-do hall(Ho-o-do : Phoenix Hall), was constructed. the Phoenix Hall consists of a central hall, housing the image of Amida Buddha, and three wings, creating an image of the phoenix, wing corridors on both sides of the central hall and a tail corridor toward the rear. the roof of the hall displays statues of the phoenix. Byodo-in Temple was registered as a was registered in the UNESCO world heritage list as one of Kyoto's cultural assets in 1994. its outline is featured on the Japanese 10 yen coin and the statues of the phoenix is featured on the Japanese 10,000 yen note.


Go into the precincts, passing through the front gate. There is a famous wisteria trellis at the bottom.
Old wisterias bloom from late April to early May. The corollae nearly reaching the ground resemble gorgeous chandeliers.


(L)Hoo-do Hall of Byodo-in Temple
(R)Jodo-in, stood behind Ho-o-do hall


(L)'Rakan-do'(an Arhat hall)
(C)'Shourou'(a bell tower)
(R)'Kannon-do'(Kannon-do hall - hall devoted to Kannon)


Address 116 Uji-renge, Uji City, Kyoto, 611-0021, Japan
Tel 0774-21-2861
Open 8:30a.m. - 5:30p.m.
The Hoshokan is opened between 9:00a.m. - 5:00pm
Admission 600yen(including the Hoshokan)
300yen - Phoenix Hall
Access 10 minute walk from JR Uji Station
5 minute walk from Keihan Uji Station

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