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Circus means 'to Meet' and 'to Gather.' A kind of shop that people can be excited about and where they can gather・・・such thoughts were put into the name of the shop. This colorfully decorated, approximately 100 year old Machiya, traditional (merchant's) houses, is easily noticeable, and people that happen to pass by unconsciously stop and look into the shop. What is sold in this kind of shop is coffee that is hand-picked by the owner, Mr. Watanabe. The owner is concerned that people have a mistaken understanding of what 'specialty coffee' is. He is referring to high quality coffee which can only be obtained in small quanitities, although it feels as though there has been a boom in self-professed 'specialty coffee,' especially because there are no unified global standards, At Circus Coffee, the owner, who holds numerous qualifications, which include 'Master in Judging Unprocessed Coffee Beans', has picked out the world's top quality coffee, extracts their personalities through excellent roasting techniques, and those coffees sold as real 'specialty coffee'.



This is what the inside of the shop looks like. Isn't it a fun and exciting display? In addition to coffee beans, the shop sells things like the shop's original coffee cans and drip coffee. The coffee can designs are especially nice!


This is the roasting machine that is used in the shop. It is from here that delicious coffee is produced. One of the things to enjoy about this shop is listening to the owner talk about things like the histories and stories related to the products. You can feel the owner's devotion to coffee when listening to him speak.


This merchant's house used to be a shop that sold Japanese tea. Even though the products being sold have changed from tea to coffee, they have continued to carry on the spirit of providing good products. This shop is certainly special to this historic Kyoto area.

Address 32 Shichiku Shimomidoricho Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 603-8425
Tel 075-406-1920
Open Monday - Saturday : 10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
*closed on holidays

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