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This is the owner Sayoco. She tells me that she used to work in apparel but when she over-worked herself she made herself ill so started a macrobiotic diet, aiming to improve her diet. She also felt the importance of Ayurveda and living foods for herself when she studied their methods. She offers vegan food that is tasty for your body, full of the flavour of vegetables and grains, with no chemical flavourings.


She offers a weekly lunch menu. Today was a basil chickpea dish with soy miso and basil couscous, olive oil stir-fried summer vegetables and an avocado salad. The soy-miso chickpeas were light and soft. The couscous is eaten with rice. The rice was polished and boiled in an earthenware pot. Kohlrabi, zucchini and other summer vegetables were served with the minimal amount of flavourings in a simple oil stir-fry. The delicious taste of the vegetables is drawn out. The deserts were Avocado Chocolate tart and dandelion coffee. The tart had only a slight sweetness and the batter used almonds and dates instaed of flour. The dandelion coffee had roasted dandelion root with no coffee beans leaving it with no caffeine, makine it friendly for children and expecting mothers. She says that her delicious food was not selling well but the tastes of her selections are great.


This is what the kitchen looks like. In the foreground is her homemade plum wine. Plum wine usually contains white liquor but here She uses mirin (sweet cooking rice wine). The mirin used is made using an ancient method that is no longer used today and the sake lees created when making mirin is used with the tart.


(Left) This is the entrnace hall. Customers take off their shoes and enter the shop this way.(Center) The inside of the shop with sitting cushions. It is a relaxing space with the smell of tatami. Enjoy the ancient merchant feel.(Right) There is a garden outside the shop. The garden was also personally created and the pots contain flowers and blossoming hydrangea.


The shop is a 80 year old machiya, traditional (merchant's) houses which She rennovated herself. The previous tables and furniture are being re-used. You can feel the owner's desire to keep the warmth of the wood. It maintains the merits of the machiya adding a stylish arrangement of ornaments and sliding doors. The shop is right next to Daitokuji Temple so please be sure to visit the shop while seeing Daitokuji Temple and experience the atmoshere of a machiya.

Address 10-1 ShichikuNishitakanawacho, Kita-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto, 603-8205, Japan
Tel 075-202-6687
Open Wednesday - Saturday : 11:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Language Japanese only
URL http://cosha.me/index.html
Access 5 minute walk from City Bus Stop Daitokuji-Mae
10 minute walk from Subway Kitaoji Station

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