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Daigin is a restaurant near the famous Ginkakuji Temple in the Kitashiragawa area. It's a nostalgic cafeteria for the masses. Although there is nothing in particular that stands out about the tonkatsu, grilled fish, fried shrimp, or hamburg steak, it's a simple line-up you might eat at home - and it's great. The main dish comes with rice and miso soup, along with one or two small side dishes. You'll be full, and at a mom-and-pop price for lunch or dinner. Casual diners where you can walk in off the street and enjoy a meal while watching TV or reading a newspaper, and really feel like you're in your own home, are slowly disappearing, but Daigin is still going strong. It's a place we hope will stick around for a long time.


Samples of the menu are displayed next to the entrance. So you'll be debating about what to get before you even walk in the door. But you can't just stand out there trying to make your mind up!




When you enter the restaurant, you'll find even more tasty-looking displays lined up. With this dish or that dish looking tasty, it's even harder to choose.


When you take a seat, you'll find a menu with udon, soba, and other types of noodles as well as rice bowls on the table and a set menu on the wall. What will we have…We can't decide at all!


Although it is hard to pass up grilled fish or hamburg steak, we left them longingly behind in favor of the shougayaki teishoku (ginger‐fried pork set meal).
Do you know what shougayaki is? It's a Japanese dish that tends to get lost in the shadow of more famous ones like tonkatsu and tempura, but it's actually rather popular. It's made of pork and onions, grilled in a soy sauce and ginger-based sweet and spicy sauce.


Feast your eyes on this! There's no denying it is de-li-cious.
The savory flavor goes well with rice. Or so the owners seem to know, since they've piled it high on our plate :)


What a meal! The shougayaki was amazing. We're so full. But after all, we are still interested in the rest of the menu. We'll certainly be coming here again!

Address 60 Jodoji Higashidacho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel 075-771-0692
Open 11:00a.m. - 8:40p.m.
Closed - Wednesday
Access 4 minute walk from City Bus Stop Ginkakuji-michi

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