Daihoon-ji Temple Daikon-daki

大報恩寺 大根焚き
Area West
Category annual events at Temples


Daikon-daki is one of the annual event held in kyoto from November to December. Daikon, a type of radish, is boiled at temples and distributed to the temple visitors. This event occurs at temples like Senbonshaka-do(official name is Daihoon-ji Temple), which is close to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, Kakusho-in Temple in Arashiyama, Sanpo-ji Temple in Utano, and Ryotoku-ji Temple in Narutaki.
This time, we visited Senbonshaka-do's Daikon-daki. On the two days of December 7 and 8, they used around five thousand daikon to make up to ten thousand servings.


On the second day, December 8, lots of people came visiting in search of boiled daikon. After first buying their tickets, they fell in line. Tickets were 1000 yen.



The Daikon, cooked in a large iron pot, is offered to visitors one after another.


These are the contents of the bowl. There are up to three big slices of Daikon, and also some abura-age(deep-fried bean curd). The broth made from konbu and a soysauce base is very mild. Served piping hot, it warms you up and is a real blessing in the cold weather.


Everyone is enjoying their boiled daikon with gusto.


Address 1305, Mizomaecho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto, Japan
Tel 075-461-5973
Open 12/7 - 12/8 (*2012)
10:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Refarence Ticket for Daikon-ni - 1000yen
Access 3 minute walk from City Bus Stop Kamishichiken

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