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fil de chaine
Area West
Category Accessary : Interior : Fancy Goods


fil de chaine are dealing with accessories and bag products, interiors, children's clothing and other items made by 10 artists, including the owner. Each and every one of the goods is handmade in vein of the concept, "deliver the one and only in the world"; each shows the artisan's sense and delicacy, the warm feeling of caring about the end user. The attitude of the owner, happily explaining every item, shows clearly that the creator put their emotions into it. Take a look at the expressive and individual items; there may well be something that will appeal right to your heart.



There are all kinds of goods for sale: intricate accessories with vintage parts, small delicious-looking realistic sweets, durably sewed children's clothing that even the owner's more than 20 years of career will accept.
Let us introduce you to the ten artists that provide such exciting goods.

She makes accessories by confining vintage parts in resin. Specializes in cutting out rather than molding. Also works on bags and western style clothes.

A master of accessories made using antique, vintage parts from Japan and all across the world alike. Her creations are visibly delicate, alluring for anyone. They are enticing, leaving you wanting to make one of them yours.

Creates cuteness itself, the eternal theme of a girl, in the shape of items layered with the sweets deco of an adult with a bittersweet aura. What she delivers are cuteness and realism to the point of looking delicious.

In tune with the season of toys that children can safely play house with, she gives birth to distinct felt reversible coasters without any sewing machines, but only by hand sewing. All her works are so, so warm.

⑤tu-whit tu-whoo
This unique emotional impact makes whoever looks at it happy. tu-whit tu-whoo's peerless, brilliant talent is brought out in dolls, little cloth accessories, and many more…

Her works convey all the heart she has wrought in. Watch out for her painted works, as well!

Caring, she shapes the very feelings conveyed with the flowers into the preserved flowers, infinitely close to the real ones. She delivers the preserved flowers gathered most keenly.

⑧Atelier Mary
Using select cloth, she makes flowery corsages, necklaces: all the accessories fastened on simple dresses.

The sewing quality, firmly driven from the ground up, is clear from just a look at her works. Simple designs bring out the kids' adorability.

Hers is children's clothing, well-sewn from adult-like cloth in cute designs. Try on tou's clothes, and it will fit.


Take a look at the owner, Ikuko's representative works. These accessories were made of resin that cures under ultraviolet light. Vintage parts are contained within. The resin is not merely streamed, but brushed up into cut shapes, giving it a distinct profoundness. Of course, there are no two same things, every single accessory is the one and only.


The store neighbors the World Heritage temple Ryoan-ji. We are halfway along the road from the nearest station to Ryoan-ji, so come in and take a look! A brilliant discovery is surely waiting for you.

Address 15 Ryoanji Gotandacho Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 616-8017, Japan
Open Mon. Wed. Fri. 10:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Sat. Sun. 12:30p.m. - 5:00p.m.
Closed Tue. Thu.
Language Japanese only
URL http://fildechaine.webcrow.jp/
Access 5 minute walk from City Bus Stop Myoshin-ji-kita-mon
2 minute walk from Randen Railway Ryoanji Station

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