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The owner’s feelings of wanting people to eat his delicious homemade demiglace sauce encouraged him to open this hamburger specialty restaurant. The restaurant is called GRILL DEMI, a name surely filled with those feelings as well. The combination of demiglace sauce painstakingly made from vegetables and fruit and juicy hamburger made from meat ground daily forms a masterpiece. I get hungry just imagining it.


From hamburgers topped with cheese and tomato to those that use novel ingredients like ponzu(Japanese sauce made primarily of soy sauce and citrus juice) and XO sauce, the menu is full of variety. Today, I’m ordering the most popular dish: "demi tama burger" topped with a sunny side up egg. You can choose from five sizes: S, M, L, LL, MEGA. Pictured here is size M. The meal with rice, miso soup and salad is 1100yen.


It’s carried to me on a piping-hot iron plate and the sizzle whets my appetite. The sauce is boiling gently. Let’s eat it while it’s still hot.


The juices overflow from inside the meat. It looks tasty! Eating the lightly-cooked sunny side up egg together with the meat and sauce enhances the deliciousness!



When you enter the store, there are seats at the counter to the left and seats at tables to the right. In large characters on the wall is "ハンバーグ".



The restaurant is on the south side of Kyoto Gyoen. If you’re in the nearby area, I recommend a visit here.

Address 80 Tomoecho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
京都府京都市中京区夷川通室町東入ル巴町80 パルマビル1F
Tel 075-211-7661
Open 11:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.(LO 2:45p.m.)
5:00p.m. - 10:00p.m.(LO 9:30p.m.)
Closed - Monday, the third Tuesday of each month
URL http://grilldemi.com/
Access 3 minute walk from Subway Marutamachi Station

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