Grill Fukuya

Area East area
Category Yoshoku


Grill Fukuya is a long-standing Yoshoku restaurant(restaurant serving western fare) at one end of Matsubara-bashi bridge, about 10 minutes south of GionShijo station(keihan railway) along Kamogawa river. Established in 1907 and still operating over 100 years later, the restaurant has a nostalgic feel that brings back memories of the old days. This area is Miyagawa-cho, one of the Kyoto's five major geisha quarter, so apparently it is often used by maiko(apprentice geisha). The character of the location shows up in the dishes too. Let’s take a look now.


The restaurant’s specialty dish, Yoshoku bento. It comes with miso soup and costs 1,260yen. In one half of the rich vermillion bento box is rice. The other half is filled with hambaagu(meat patties), fried prawns, pork fillet cutlet, fish fritters.


They also run a delivery service for the maiko at the Ochaya(Geisha-teahouse). All the side dishes are cut up small so that the maiko can avoid opening their mouths too wide when they eat.


I’ll eat the pork fillet cutlet and fish fritters with the sauce provided.



Another popular dish, Fukuya rice. This rice omelette dish is a house original, prepared at the request of the maiko, which features cubed tomatoes added to the sticky omelette and ingredients that top the dish. The flavor is surprisingly light, perhaps due to the tomatoes.




I recommend you try this Western-style restaurant with the unique historical character of Kyoto. You might even get to see a maiko if you’re lucky.

Address 5-341 Miyagawasuji 5 Chome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel 075-561-2980
Open 12:00a.m. - 10:00p.m.
Closed - Thursday
Access 10 minute walk from Keihan GionShijo Station
10 minute walk from Keihan KiyomizuGojo Station

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