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Kingyoya is a guest house that uses a ‘Machiya’(traditional wooden townhouses found throughout Japan and typified in the historical capital of Kyoto) built around 100 years ago in the Nishijin area of Kyoto city. The original atmosphere of the building is utilized, by keeping reforms at a minimum, for the charm of the old ‘Machiya’ to be felt. Following the entrance, the first thing to appear is an earth floor called ‘Toriniwa’ that goes from the front entrance to the back entrance. The kitchen and well are also there. At the back of the building, a beautiful inner garden and a storehouse have been left in their original shape. Staying at Kingyoya allows you to get a feeling of the daily life of people from the earlier Kyoto, still breathing through its walls.



Entrance of Kingyoya. the signboard with the goldfish hanging at the entrance, and the door with the letter ‘丹’ in the circle ‘○’ are the landmarks for this guest house.


Passing the entrance and advancing towards the back, a cozy small garden welcomes the guest. One cannot help but to smile at the cute decoration.



After taking your shoes off and going inside, there is an even more beautiful inner garden. The inner garden is definitely the charm of the ‘Machiya’. The scenery of the inner garden, which makes the visitor gently feel the season by changing its appearance through spring, summer, fall and winter, will most likely leave a strong impression, even after one has left Kyoto.


The room facing the inner garden is a common space. The guests can relax while viewing the garden, exchange information with other guests, narrow down their plans for the trip, etc…


There are 3 individual rooms and two dormitory, for men and women respectively. All rooms have air conditioning, but the bath and toilet are for common use. Some rooms use ‘Fusuma’(papered) sliding doors as partition walls, so guests should be careful to be quiet at night.



The furniture and illumination matching the atmosphere of the building, and the cute and playful decorations make the stay at the ‘Machiya’ even more enjoyable.


On top of this, the biggest appealing point of Kingyoya is the fact that you can have a traditional Japanese breakfast. the contents change daily, and they take pride in their homemade rice, cultivated in the Northern area of Kyoto. it includes five small side dishes and broiled fish.


Nishijin, where Kingyoya is located, is rather far from the bustling shopping district, but it is close to famous places like Kinkaku-ji temple, Daitoku-ji temple, Ryoan-ji temple, KitanoTenmangu shrine, Imamiya-jinja shrine and is in an area scattered with many attractions of Kyoto that are not very well-known yet. Let’s go out in search for the attractions of the Nishijin area while enjoying your “‘Machiya’ stay at Kingyoya.

Address 243 Kankicho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel 075-411-1128
Open check in - 4:00p.m. - 9:00p.m.
check out - 8:00a.m. - 11:00a.m.
URL http://kingyoya-kyoto.com/english/
Access 5 minutes walk from City Bus Stop Kenryuko-mae
8 minutes walk from City Bus Stop Horikawa-Teranouchi

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