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Guesthouse Kobako is an old private house used as a guest house right in the center of a sightseeing area surrounded by famous Buddhist temples and shrines with Ginkaku-ji Temple (Temple of the Silver Pavilion) in the north, Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Palace) in the west, Nanzen-ji Temple in the east, Yasakajinja-jinja Shrine and Koutai-ji Temple in the south, and Heian-Jingu Shrine directly ahead. Also, the area is crowded with many art museums and galleries including Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art and The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto that are sacred sites of Kyoto art. Furthermore, Kyoto a fascinating town that has a lot of Japanese style shops to enjoy, such as fashionable cafes, tea houses and confectionery shops.
There is a bus stop close by, but it is convenient to ride a bicycle when roaming around the area and sightseeing. Also, it is possible to rent bicycles (which requires a reservation). Enjoy sightseeing around Kyoto with Guesthouse Kobako as a hub.


Make good use of open spaces with a lot of room by relaxing after coming back from sightseeing, and planing out the next day's trip.
(Note) There is residential housing in the area, so be sure to not by noisy at night and remain quiet.


It is also possible to experience the charm of an old private house. This is also one way to enjoy using
the guest house.


(L) A communal kitchen. You can cook for yourself, so it's convenient for a long term stay.
(C) There's a sink and refrigerator, too.
(R) This is the shower room, soap included.


(L) It takes one minute to walk directly ahead to Heian-Jingu Shrine. Guesthouse Kobako is
near the east side of Heian-Jingu Shrine.
(C) From the street in the photo, take the left hand alleyway. Heian-Jingu Shrine is on the right hand side.
(R) Straight ahead at the end of the street, there is an entrance on the right hand side.

Address 40-10, Okazaki Minamigoshocho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 606-8334, Japan
Tel 080-3829-9343
Open Office hours : 4:00p.m. - 10:00p.m.
Check-in : 4:00p.m. - 10:00p.m.
Check-out time : until 4:00pm (You can leave luggage anytime during the day of their checkout)
Language English
URL http://nashinokatachi.com/guesthouse-e/home.html
Access 3 minute walk from City Bus Stop Okazaki-michi
3 minute walk from City Bus Stop Dobutsuen-mae
15 minute walk from Subway Higashiyama Station
23 minute walk from Keihan Sanjo Keuhan Station
23 minute walk from Keihan Jingu-marytamachi Station

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