Higashiyama Saryo

Area East area
Category Cafe / food / Wagashi


Higashiyama Saryo produces and sells “Yo-fu Wagashi”(Western-style inspired Japanese sweets) made with carefully selected high quality ingredients such as green tea from Uji, Kyoto. What does “Yo-fu Wagashi” mean? These are a new type of sweets that ingeniously fuse together the best of Japan and the West by adding whipped cream to Japanese traditional sweets and by using Japanese ingredients such as Matcha in Western sweets such as roll cake and pudding.
This café, which includes a shop space, opened last August on Gojo-dori street, in Higashiyama-ku. Here you can buy their vaunted sweets, or choose to eat in and have a parfait or Anmitsu(*1) that amazingly mixes Japan and the West at the café space.

*1 - mitsumame(boiled beans, cubes of agar gelatin, and other toppings with molasses syrup) covered with bean jam





When you enter the establishment, you will find the counter where you can buy sweets to take out on your left, and the café space on your right. It is still shiny new since it just opened so recently! The interior is design in an calm atmosphere.


On this day, we had a “Matcha Cream Anmitsu” from the café menu.
It combines ice cream and agar-agar with high quality Uji green tea from the long-established tea estate Horiishichimeien, in Kyoto. This is a sweet for grownups, who will certainly appreciate the pleasant bitterness of the tea within the overall sweet taste.
At the café, you can also have “matcha cream parfait”, “Matcha Zenzai” and other sweets. This, too, look delicious, so be sure to try them if you get a chance!


At the shop space you will find Mizumanju(*2), roll cake, pudding and the like. Just looking at them will make you want to have them all.

*2 - ball of Anko(bean paste) covered with a Kudzu starch glaze




The establishment is located about a 7 minute walk along Gojo-dori street, from the KiyomizuGojo station for the Keihan Railway. There are many ceramic shops in this area, and this café stands amid them.
If you are ever in the neighborhood, make sure to drop by for a taste of the superb sweets from Higashiyama Saryo.

Address 448 Gojobashihigashi, 4 Chome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel 075-532-0873
Open shop space - 10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
cafe space - 11:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Access 7 minute walk from Keihan KiyomizuGojo station

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