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Hitsuji is an artisanal donut specialty shop located to the south of Kyoto Gyoen.  The donuts they sell are "breathing donuts." Donuts that breathe? The secret is in the batter. They slow down the rising-action of the batter with low temperatures and heat them slowly to fill them with the delicious air. This type of batter is Hitsuji's specialty. The ingredients, carefully and gently grown and selected produce an airy and smooth texture that accompanies the natural tastes which fill your mouth. Here we introduce Hitsuji's donuts which delight both the mind and body.


Upon entering the store, you will see the donuts lined up right in front of you. On the other side is the kitchen where you can see the donuts being made.


The person who is molding the donuts is the owner (photo left). Prior to this shop, he ran a bakery for about ten years. He applies the skills of bread-baking to his donut-making and once you taste them, you can really tell. (photo right) Here, the donuts are being covered in a chocolate glaze.



Here the donuts are, displayed in rows. Some of them include chestnut, pumpkin, sweet potato,  and cream cheese. There are also others that have had black tea or chocolate kneaded into the dough. The variety is stunning. It really makes you want to try all the different kinds, doesn't it?


Hitsuji's can be roughly divided into two types: those that use natural yeast and those that use sprouted rice.  On the left of the above picture is a natural yeast donut. They use a home-made leavening and it creates a light textured donut.  You can choose your own topping sugar which includes cinnamon, maple, wasanbon(refined Japanese sugar), kinako(soy flour), light brown sugar.  On the right of the picture is the sprouted rice donut. They take brown rice grown with low chemical use and allow them to sprout, fry them lightly and knead them into the dough. The texture is a little stickier when compared to the natural yeast donut.


This is a donut which has had chocolate kneaded into the dough. The color might lead you to believe that it'll taste rich and heavy, but it is actually rather light. The sweetness of the chocolate is not overpowering leading to a refined flavor.


As you can see in the picture, when ordering takeout, the topping sugar is placed in a separate bag. As time passes from when the sugar is put on the donut, it may clump together, so they have conscientiously allowed you to put the sugar on your donut right before you eat it. As in the picture on the right, before eating, you put the sugar and the donut in the same bag and shake it around taking care that none of it falls out. This is so that the sugar coats the donut evenly. It's actually quite fun.


There are seats to dine inside the restaurant as well. With one drink order, you can receive a donut as well. Of course, the donuts are of exceptional quality.



Hitsuji is located on a furniture store street called Ebisugawa-tori-Tominokoji(corner of Ebisugawa Street and Tominokoji Street)  that is just a short walk south of Kyoto Gyoen. The storefront blends into the simple and charming surroundings.

Address 355-1 Oicho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto, Japan
Tel 075-221-6534
Open 10:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.
closed Monday and Tuesday
Access 5 minute walk from City Bus Stop Saibansho-Mae
10 minute walk from Subway Marutamachi Station
15 minute walk from Keihan Jingu-Marutamachi Station

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