Honke Tagoto

本家 田毎
Area Central
Category Donburi / Udon : Soba


Honke Tagoto, opened in 1868, is a pillar of the Kyoto community, with an over one hundred and forty year history. There are two locations in Kyoto, which offer soba (buckwheat noodles) as well as rice bowls and other dishes. Even though it is a long-standing establishment, the restaurant is down-to-earth. The main location is in the Sanjo shopping arcade, so it's easy to walk in off the street for a bite. You can just go in and grab a casual bowl of historic noodles - how great is that! That said, although Tagoto does specialize in traditional recipes, over the years it's continued to experiment with unique, artisan noodles as well.


When you pass through the noren (entryway curtains), a narrow hallway leads you into the restaurant.


Inside, the restaurant is roomy and bright.  You'll see all kinds of customers, from families to friends to single diners. The ages are mixed, too - you'll find customers young and old enjoying tasty bowls of noodles together.



Here is the lunch menu, complete with photos. Thanks to them, it's a cinch finding what you want.


On this day, we picked the tendon teishoku, a set meal of soba and tempura on rice, from the lunch menu. You can choose between hot soba and cold soba, but we decided to go with hot.


The tempura consisted of one big shrimp, pumpkin, sweet potato, and shishito (a green Japanese pepper). The sauce was slightly on the heavy side, so it leaves a strong impression.
The soba noodles are on the thin and simple side, garnished with nori (dry seaweed) and negi (Japanese leeks). Tagoto's broth (made from dashi, a fish and kelp stock) is absolutely fantastic, so you should definitely savor it. If you want to experience the flavor of this broth, we recommend the hot soba. (The cold soba doesn't come with broth)


The menu is full of other tantalizing foods. There are also some upscale course offerings, but the price is of course, slightly higher. If you're in the neighborhood, we recommend this place, hands down. :)

Address 12 Ishibashicho (Sanjo-dori street), Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel 075-221-3030
Open 11:00a.m. - 9:00p.m.
URL http://www.tagoto.com/
Access 2 minute walk from City Bus Stop KawaramachiSanjo
4 minute walk from Subway Kyoto city hall Station
7 minute walk from Keihan Sanjo Station

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