Honryu-ji Temple

Area North
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Honryu-ji Temple is two blocks north of Imadegawa Street, between Joufukuji Street and Chiekouin Street. It faces directly south of Uhou-in Temple. It is said that Honryu-ji Temple was first built by the monk Nichishin in 1488 in the Shijo Omiya area of Kyoto. The temple was then moved to its present location in 1542.
During the great fire of 1788, the entire Nishijin area was burned to the ground, yet the main building of Honryu-ji managed to escape the fire. For that reason, from then on it was called Yakezunotera, "the unburned temple".


Honryu-ji’s main gate (or Sanmon gate) on the eastern side.


"Hondo", Honryu-ji Main Hall


(R)Shisodo hall
(L)Shourou (a bell tower)




In the spring, the temple is covered in beautiful cherry blossoms such as Somei Yoshino cherry trees and "BeniShidareZakura" (weeping cherry). With relatively few tourists, we recommend Honryu-ji for those who want to appreciate the cherry blossoms in a quiet corner of Nishijin in peace.

Tel 075-441-5762
Admission free
URL http://www.hokkeshu.jp/index.html
Access 5 minute walk from City Bus Stop ImadegawaOmiya
10 minute walk from City Bus Stop SenbonImadegawa
15 minute walk from Subway KarasumaImadegawa Station

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