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The owner spent her university years in Virginia. After graduation she moved to New York, where she became attracted to a gift shop in East Village that she found by chance, and she started working there. It is about this time that she started thinking that she "would like to open her own shop in the near future." Upon her return to Japan, she opened her own vintage shop, "iiivko" in Kyoto. She goes abroad a few times a year to buy new articles, all of them adorable items to make her customers' lives more fun. Some of her accessories cannot be found elsewhere in Japan - this is a shop I would recommend for everybody to drop by when visiting Kyoto.


The store is located in a room on the second floor within a building. You can see a little of the inside from the entrance - a prelude get you excited about what kind of new items you might find here.



On the shelves and tables in the store lie different accessories and tableware. They are mainly 40’s and 70’s vintage items from U.S. and Europe.



Items by the NY designer marv graff, These ring and necklace, made with Swarovski glass, give a rather pop impression at first sight, but their exquisite colors give them an elegant and antique feeling. It appears that they were also sold at the shop were the owner was working in New York. Because of this, the owner has very strong feelings for these items - we felt how much she likes them when she explains about them to us. In Japan, only iiivko deals with them.



There are also many different kinds of tableware, such as Fire King, Hazel Atlas. Daily life will surely become more fun when using these mugs and glasses.


Marimekko(Finland) paper napkins with adorable flower and fruits patterns (left), and a pouch made with an old fabric such as kimono and Swarovski rhinestones(right).


Items by Medusa's Heirlooms, a hair accessory brand from New York. Elegant tortoiseshell-like hairclip.




On top of the above, all other items, such as vintage beads and scarves, bags and clothes, are really attractive - you are likely to have a hard time choosing just one!


This is the SACRA bldg. where iiivko is located. It is a lovely building registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property. It is located along Sanjo-dori street, in between Kawaramachi-dori street and Karasuma-dori street. Make sure you have a look at this shop and find an lovely item waiting for you.

Address 2F SACRA bldg. Nakanocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
京都市中京区三条通富小路西入ル中之町20 サクラビル2F
Tel 075-254-0909
Open 12:00p.m. - 7:30p.m.(summer)
12:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.(winter)
12:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.(Sunday and holiday)
Language English
URL http://www.iiivko.com/index.html
Access 5 minute walk from Subway Kyoto city hall Station
7 minute walk from Subway KarasumaOike Station
10 minute walk from Keihan Sanjo Station

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