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IZUTSU CAFE is a cafe opened in June 2013 by the Izutsu yatsuhashi flagship store, famous for its yatsuhashi(*1). Although you might expect a cafe run by a long-standing traditional japanese sweets store to have a matching Japanese decor, the cafe is contemporary both inside and out. And what's more, the menu even offers items like sandwiches and pasta. That said, you might not expect such a place to have any striking characteristics going for it, but that's where the "famous sweets store" aspect comes in. Izutsu's lineup includes parfaits stuffed full of matcha dango(*2), shiratama dango(*3), or warabi mochi(*4), zenzai(*5) made from quality ingredients. Today we're taking a look at this specialty sweets cafe.

*1 a soft, triangular sweet filled with red bean paste, a Kyoto specialty
*2 sticky green tea balls
*3 sweet rice flour balls
*4 balls of bracken starch covered in soybean powder
*5 red bean soup


Step right up!
The cafe is cafeteria style, so you place your order here then find a seat.


We ordered "Izutsu Ogura Parfait" advertised on the signboard.
It comes with 2 flavors of ice cream, cinnamon and vanilla, azuki beans, warabi mochi, and is topped with corn flakes. To mix things up, a yatsuhashi is included.


For the azuki, the finest Ogura dainagon azuki beans are used. You can really sink your teeth into these big beans. They're perfect. And the cinnamon ice cream is refreshing and nice, too.


Pour on some molasses and it's ready to gobble up!
Besides the Ogura parfait, you can also try an Izutsu matcha parfait. It's popular, too, so we definitely recommend it!



Since the cafe just opened this summer, it's sparkling clean inside, and surprisingly spacious. As is typical of Kyoto buildings, this store is rather deep, with tables stretching to the very back.


The cafe is located in a shopping center on the 2nd floor above a yatsuhashi shop. It's perfect for those need a short break from shopping. next time you're in the area, how about enjoying a spoonful of their sweet desserts while watching the people go by? ^^

Address 310 Higashidaimonjicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
京都府京都府京都市中京区東大文字町310 京極一番街 2F
Tel 075-255-2121
Open 10:00a.m. - 8:00p.m.
Access 2 minute walk from Subway Kawaramachi Station

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