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Kisakiya opened October of last year in Kita-ku, Kyoto. It is managed by a young married couple, and the sweets they sell, such as cookies and pound cake, use specifically safe ingredients such as domestic and organic products, and are made by the wife without using dairy products, eggs or anything from animals. Please come eat in and have a drink such as chai tea and shiso juice with your sweets. The bakery "bread house Bamboo" is next door, so you can buy pastries there and come eat it here with an order of one drink.
Also, the husband is a leather worker who sells custom-made leather products out of his studio. While at the cafe, be sure to check out the husband's unique leather products.

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(L) 3D wallet
As the name implies, these are unique, box-shaped wallets.
(C) This is a bag that uses leather from one goat without any changes. It has an impact to it.
(R) As shown in the photo, there are many products which use the 'mille-coba'(coba:the ends of the leather) technique developed by the husband. The name 'mille-coba' comes from making layers of leather like a mille-feuille and from processing the ends of the leather.
Many of the products have patterns of stars and the Moon, but this motif is a design often seen in the Islamic world. Also, by wanting to hand make the best possible products, there is a bare minimum of metal fittings attached.



The wife's macrobiotic sweets are very delicious. Also, she uses ingredients such as soy sauce, wakame and Chinese quince not used in normal cookies and other sweets. I actually tried the soy sauce cookie, and it was very delicious with its faint scent of soy sauce. They are moderately sweet, so it seems like you could eat a lot of them without getting tired of them. Of course it goes without saying that they are healthy.


Also note that the store makes use of an old house that they spent time remolding themselves. You can see a focus on the lighting and interior.

Address 16, Shichiku-shimotakedonocho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 603-8412, JAPAN
Tel 075-406-1239
Open Tuesday - Sunday : 11:00am - 5:00pm
Language Japanese Only
URL http://kisakiya.blogspot.jp/
Access City Bus Stop Shimotakedonocho
5 minute walk from City Bus Stop Shimogishicho

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