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Koufukudou, est. 1868, is a Japanese sweets shop with over 140 years of history. The famous store got its start making simple treats like monaka(*1) and daifuku(*2), and from there built up a devoted local customer base. At Koufukudou, simplicity is important. They use rare Tanba dainagon azuki(*3) beans to make the anko(azuki bean jam filling), or bean paste, essential to Japanese sweets, and for their mochi(rice cake) or daifuku rice cakes, they use high-quality Shiga habutae mochi rice(*4) made in neighboring Shiga Prefecture to produce a variety of sweets every day.
*1 it’s Japanese sweets made of "anko" sandwiched by thin crisp wafers made from rice cake.
*2 it's a typical Japanese confection consisting of a mochi(rice cake) stuffed with filling such as "Anko"
*3 it's a one of famous brands of Azuki(red bean) in Kyoto
*4 kind of sticky rice brand made in Shiga Prefecture



Koufukudou’s leading product is the gojougiboshi monaka. As the name suggest, these monakas are made specially in the shape of the Gojo bridge’s railing or giboshi. These confections are noted for their healthy portion of glossy anko that seems ready to burst out of their ornate pastry shells.


This is the giboshi, or railing, of the Gojo Bridge in Kyoto. It’s not far from the shop, so you can take a stroll and check out its distinctive shape for yourself.


These mame daifuku, sticky rice cakes stuffed full of juicy beans, are another popular menu item. On the left is one made with black soybeans, and on the right is one made with red peas, two Japanese varieties of beans.


Inside, the sweets are bursting full of anko. The sweet chunky bean paste is accented by the delicate taste of salt from the tender steamed beans.




Besides these, there are many other colorful varieties of Japanese-style sweets to choose from. You can buy the desserts in small quantities, so it’s easy and fun to buy a bunch of different goodies for a taste-testing session.



The store is on west on Matsubara Street past the intersection with Kawaramachi Street. It’s a 2-3 minute walk west from the Matsubara Bridge spanning the Kamo River, or a 7-8 minute walk from the Gojo Bridge. If you got a little bit of a sweet tooth, we hope you’ll stop by!


Address 388-2 Matsukawacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel 075-341-8850
Open 9:00a.m. - 7:30p.m.
Closed - Wednesday
URL http://www.ko-fukudo.com/
Access 1 minute walk from City Bus Stop KawaramachiGojo
5 minute walk from Keihan KiyomizuGojo station

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