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Near KitanoTenmangu shrine there is a restaurant called "Konohana". We recommend their "Kakigori", which is a traditional sweet made of shaved ice and served with flavored syrup. Their Kakigori is available for a limited time, from June to September, and it is so good that during this time you can find queues of people waiting to go in all the time.
"Kakigori is such a simple thing I do not think it really makes a difference where you have it…" - If this is what you are thinking, you have to know that at first we thought the same, and then realized we was wrong. Once you have a mouthful you will understand. Now let's talk about the Kakigori served at Konohana in detail.


This restaurant, built in a wellhole style, is actually a renovated wine cellar from more than 100 years ago. It has a calm and retro atmosphere to it. It is located near KitanoTenmangu shrine so there are usually many tourists among the customers.


The main characteristic of Konohana’s Kakigori is the homemade syrup, made with various fruits, which includes unique flavors you cannot find at any other restaurant or stall, like peach, kiwi, banana.
We especially recommend the peach flavor. This flavor is not available all the time from June to September, but only when peaches are in season. Eating the Kakigori topped with this strong syrup feels almost like eating a juicy peach. It is so delicious you will not believe this is the same old Kakigori you have always had.


This is a mango flavored kakigori.
The strong mango syrup is exquisite as well.


Usually, the syrup sinks down the shaved ice, but Konohana’s syrup is rather think, so it stays on top of the ice like a layer.
Not only the syrup is delicious, but the “ice” from their Kakigori is also wonderful. It has a very fine texture - it is not gritty like other types of shaved ice, but light and soft. When eaten together with the syrup, it is as tasty as it eating an actual fruit.


Many customers come to the restaurant during the limited time while the Kakigori are available, so sometimes they are sold out before closing time, so we recommend going no later than 3p.m..
If you are visiting Kyoto in the summer, make sure to try them!

Address 898 Bakuro-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Tel 075-461-6687
Open 9:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Closed - Tuesday
Access 5 minute walk from Keifuku Kitano-Hakubai-Cho Station
City Bus Stop Kitano-Tenmangu-Mae

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