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The location is Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, home to many of Kyoto's universities as well as many artists and cultural figures. Kyonoen is a refurbished 90 year old traditional house turned guesthouse. The rooms and shared spaces are full of antique furniture, allowing you to experience the feel of an old Japanese house. You can spend a quiet and relaxing time in a space which reflects the owner's wish for guests to experience the atmosphere of Kyoto while feeling at ease as if they were in their own home. The rate is competitive, starting at ¥3300 per night, making it perfect for long-term guests or those who want to keep costs low. Nearby are various tourist spots such as the world heritage site Ginkakuji Temple and the beautiful Shisendo Garden. There are also various events such as the Gozen no Okuribi festival on August 16 when fireworks light up the night sky, and a monthly handicraft market at a nearby temple. The owner speaks fluent English and is very friendly so there is no need to worry. It is easy to see why Kyonoen is so popular with female travellers.


(left, centre) Dormitory. There are beds for four but the room is spacious and it is possible for two more people to sleep on mattresses for a total of six guests.
(right) 3.5 Tatami mat private room on the second floor. Perfect for those who do not want to sleep in a dormitory. Suitable for one to two guests.


Shared kitchen. You are free to use the cups and everything. Please wash them up after use.


(left) You can use the coffee and tea for no extra cost.
(right) Shared courtyard. Such a nice atmosphere.


The entrance is a little hard to find…
(left) If you enter this parking lot…
(centre) And follow the stone path a little way...
(right) You will find the entrance on your right.

There is a convenience store, post office, launderette and bathhouse conveniently nearby. So if you are wondering where to stay, how about Kyonoen?

Address 27 shimoikedacho, Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8284, Japan
Tel 075-721-8178
Language English
Refarence Check-In after 4:00pm
Check-Out befor 11:00
No curfew after you check-in.
You may leave your baggages in the hostel from 10:00 AM before check-in.
URL http://kyonoen.com/en_index.html
Access 3 minute walk from City Bus Stop Kitashirakawakou-Mae
3 minute walk from City Bus Stop Kamiikeda-cho

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