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Tonteki is a famous dish of Yokkaichi city(Mie prefecture). “Ton” = “Pork”, “Teki” = “Steak”, in other words, it is pork steak. Opening in November 2012, Kyoto Tonteki is a restaurant where you can eat Tonteki. The restaurant creates its original flavor through proprietary recipe such as seasoning authentic Yokkaichi's Tonteki with onions and garlic and sautéing with traditional soy sauce. Well, what kind of delicious Tonteki will I taste? I went to the restaurant with great expectation.



Here it is! This is Tonteki. It looks so delicious. In fact, I am certain the dish will taste delicious! Aromatically roasted thick pork and soy sauce-based Teriyaki sauce. It sure arouses one’s appetite. The pork is not cut all the way to the end. Since it is shaped like a palm, it is also known as the "glove yaki"(glove steak).

It is time to take a bite…


Delicious! Soft and juicy meat matches perfectly with the chili sauce. It goes well with rice.
Today I ordered the regular sized Tonteki set(200g). If this is not enough, you can order Dai-Tonteki set(300g). If you have confidence to eat even more, you can choose the Mega-Tonteki set(500g).



Opened not long ago, the restaurant is very clean. It is great for ladies too.


When you enter the building, take the stairs to go up. The restaurant is right there. The sign says "京都トンテキ".


Address ST building 1F, 605 Nishiuoyacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
京都府京都市中京区錦小路通高倉西入西魚屋町605 STビル1F
Tel 075-213-3506
Open 11:00a.m. - 23:00p.m. (L.O.22:15p.m.)
Access 3 minute walk from Subway Shijo Station
3 minute walk from Hankyu Karasuma Station

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