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‘Matuya-tobe’ (松屋籐兵衛) is a long-established shop of Kyoto sweets which has been in business for over 240 years selling ‘Matukaze’ (松風), a type of baked sweet representative of Kyoto. It is currently run by the eighth-generation manager.
Dating back for 240 years, the shop was established in the Edo period near Kyoto Gosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace) and was operating as a master of confectionery delivering its sweets to the palace until the Meiji era of 1868. It moved to the neighborhood of Daitoku-ji Temple afterwards and that leads to now. It is a shop of history that provides confectionery for the tea ceremony to Daitoku-ji Temple as well as Daikaku-ji Temple, Shokoku-ji Temple and more.


‘Matukaze’ is one of Japanese sweets which represents Kyoto. Although it looks like a castella cake, it is slightly harder and more sticky in texture.
Also known as ‘Miso-Matukaze’(味噌松風), it is made with soybean paste as one of its ingredients. Surprisingly, it is a sweet made by a technique of fermenting flour with soybean paste whilst the taste of soybean paste is not that strong. It is absolutely delicious with a hint of soybean paste and slight saltiness in its sweetness, and is also addictive combined with its sticky texture.



The interior of the shop evokes a sense of history with displayed wooden patterns used for making sweets as well as shelves whose color delightfully turned amber—dignity of a long-established shop.


Address 28 Murasakino-Unrinincho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 603-8214, Japan
Tel 075-492-2850
Open Wednesday - Friday : 9:00am - 6:00pm
Language Japanese only
Access City Bus Stop Daitokuji -Mae
15 minute walk from Subway Kitaoji Station

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