Mori no Tedukuri-ichi(Woodsy Handicraft Market) #1

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Category Flea Market


Woodsy Handicraft Market is a relatively new event that launched in ‘Tadasu no Mori’ (expansive primeval forest in Shimogamo-jinja Shrine) of the world cultural heritage Shimogamo-jinja Shrine in the autumn of 2010. The market lasts for 2 days a time and is held 2 – 3 times a year. Embracing an enormous forest, the market will be lined with all sorts of shops, including handmade sundries stores selling accessories, kids clothing, pottery, stationery and soap; and food stores selling bread and cookies. There are also food vans, so visitors can enjoy a leisurely meal in the cafe spaces in the forest. The number of stores is around 400 for the 2 days. You can visit and have fun for 2 days in a row as all the shops on the first day will be replaced with the other ones on the second day. Enjoying shopping, eating and walking in nature is something really special. Especially female visitors will definitely find the place interesting with a large number of accessory stores selling earrings, corsages and necklaces.
During the period, music events where various kinds of artists participate in will be held, enlivening the atmosphere of the place.


(L) Small products in the shape of an alpaca and rabbit made with wool. They are puffy and fluffy to the touch and have adorable faces.
(C) They are surreal creatures that throw up blood in a state of high emotion. The character was originally created by the store owner and was pretty popular with female customers.
(R) Small goods made with materials or vintage textiles dyed by the owner. Small children were getting their parents to buy it for them. The colors of the goods are beautiful.


(L) Knitted accessories such as hat and lovely illustrations are sold.
(C) Towels with funny patterns depicting cats and fish.
(R) Cute patchwork clothing for kids.


(L) Nice-, sweet- and delicious-looking cookies that make you doubt if they are real.
(C) Are they sweets? No, they are accessories in the shape of macaroons.
(R) They also look good… Oh no, they are handmade soap. You won’t be able to wait to use the colorful soap.


(L) Strangely shaped jellybean-like accessories.
(C) They are eccentric accessories made of resin and designed nicely.
(R) Accessories made so seriously and deliberately with textiles with Japanese pattern.

Be prepared to see many more shops.  ⇒  Mori no Tedukuri-ichi(Woodsy Handicraft Market) #2

Address 59 Shimogamo Izumigawacho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 606-0807, Japan
Open 10:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Admission free
Refarence For details, please visit the following website:
URL http://monocro.info/moritedu/index.html
Access 1 minute walk from City Bus Stop Shimogamo-jinja Mae
10 minute walk from Keihan Demachiyanagi Station

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