Noodle Style Zeku

Noodle Style 是空
Area North
Category Ramen


Noodle Style Zeku is a restaurant developed by a certain famous Kyoto ramen shop. They have a restaurant on Imadegawa street just a little past the "Kyoto Gyoen"(Kyoto Imperial palace park) to the west. We can only call it a “new type of ramen shop,” and both the name and the look are a bit different from the usual ramen shop. So, what about the flavor of their main ramen?


The noodle menu has just one "Ramen"! It’s simple. Toppings include "Ajitama"(Soft-boiled egg with soy sauce) and "Chashu"(roasted pork fillet). "Chashu" also comes without toppings as in the photo. The soup is made with tonkotsu pork broth and chicken broth and is thick and rich. The noodles are an unusually flat type. They make a tasty combination with the soup.


This is the “Karaage” (fried chicken) from the side menu. It’s a huge portion. One plate may be just fine for two people. If you’re alone they have a ramen and kara-age set menu, which we recommend.


The interior does not seem like a ramen shop but rather has a stylish, pop feel that makes it almost like a cafe. Women should feel free to come here too.


Address 252 Asukaicho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto, Japan
京都府京都市上京区今出川通堀川東入飛鳥井町252 フォルム堀川今出川 1F
Tel 075-431-0211
Open 11:00a.m. - 11:00p.m.
Access City Bus Stop Horikawa Imadegawa

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