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Rim is a leather goods workshop to the south of Kyoto Gyoen. As the owner and resident artisan of the workshop, Ms. Keiko Oshino carefully hand makes various leather goods such as bag, wallet, and book jacket. Select from 50-60 types of items and place semi-order with your favorite material and color; orders and production cycle are on a semiannual basis. The workshop takes orders twice a year – in the spring and autumn; it is popular and always gets booked up quickly. (Overseas orders currently are not available)


artisan, Ms. Oshino during production; she learned all the leather making techniques by herself. Previously, she worked at house builders and interior shops in Osaka. After deciding to become an independent artisan, she moved to Kyoto and began production and sales of leather goods.


When you first enter the workshop, color variation of the products immediately grabs your attention. When it comes to tannery goods, we usually image black and brown. However, at Rim, you can find products in lively colors such as green, pink and yellow. All of the colored leather is hand made by skilled craftsmen exclusively for the workshop.


The lively, yet gentle and undemanding colors fit well with the rest of the items.



The chic workshop uses old-fashioned furniture and appliances, which accentuates the color of the leather items. It gives on the impression of superimposing color to a monotone photo.


Since overseas shipping is not available, those who live outside Japan can buy products at the workshop. Hopefully, you will find something you like.



Material and tools on display also add to the overall ambience of the workshop.


Colored items inside an otherwise calm workshop really leave one with strong impression.




To access the workshop: from Marutamachi-dori street go South on Tominokoji-dori street, it is located on the third block. It is a wonderful place worth visiting. Be sure to come by on your next trip to Kyoto.

Address 377-1 Kajiyacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
京都市中京区 富小路通二条上ル 鍛冶屋町377-1
Tel 075-708-8685
Open Thursday to Sunday 1:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.
Language Japanese only
URL http://www.rim-works.com/index.html
Access 7 minute walk from City Bus Stop Saibansho-Mae
12 minute walk from Subway Marutamachi Station
17 minute walk from Keihan Jingu-Marutamachi Station

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