Ryokan Hiraiwa

旅館 平岩
Area Central
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In the past, this neighborhood was a flourishing pleasure district which in its hey-day, had over 200 teahouses. As the years wore on, the area's appearance changed and the rows of tea-houses disappeared. Despite this, you can find many examples of the unique architecture used in those days in the neighborhood even now. The "Hiraiwa Ryokan" is one of them. When the building was converted into a ryokan, or Japanese inn, the new owners strove as hard as they could to leave the building's original structure and fixtures intact, imposing only minimal improvements. Due to this effort, you are able to see decoration and ornaments which have now become rare. This is certainly the ryokan to go to if you'd like to know more about Japanese culture.


There are vending machines conveniently placed around the entrance on the first floor as well as many guides and pamphlets in English. By all means, make use of them and spend your time enjoying the sights.


(L) Uji, the room we stayed in.
(C) Of course, tatami flooring and a fusuma sliding screen. When you sleep, you spread the futon over the tatami.
(R) Japanese-style furniture with cute designs


(L) These are the seats in the restaurant. They offer breakfast here. If you make a reservation by 21:00 the night before, you can get the wateishoku or traditional Japanese breakfast. (Unavailable during summer)
(C) A shower room with bathtub. There is another shower room without a bathtub.
(R) In addition to these, there is one more washstand.


You can see many examples of unique ornamentation and architecture.
(L) This is a traditional style coffered ceiling, called gotenjou. It is said that this ceiling holds the highest status and is thus used in many famous temples and castles.
(C) This is a Tang-style cusped gable, karahafu-yane, which is unique to Japan.
(R) The display windows and such are left just as they were.

Address 314, Hayaocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto, 600-8114, Japan
Tel 075-351-6748
Open Check-in - 3:00p.m.
Check-out - 10:00a.m.
Refarence *The bath serves as the common bath. Since it is locked from an inner side, please take a bath in comfort.
Available Time: 16:00~24:00

*Coin operated laundry is available at Ryokan Hiraiwa.

*Ryokan Hiraiwa is 100% non-smoking.
URL http://www.kyoto-ryokanhiraiwa.com/en/index.html
Access 5 minute walk from City Bus Stop Kawaramachi-Shomen

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