Seimeisai (Seimei Festival)

晴明祭 (せいめいさい)
Area North
Category Festival


Abe no Seimei (安倍 晴明) was Onmyoji (a professional practitioner of the Japanese esoteric cosmology), in honor of whose many meritorious achievements and in enshrinement of whom Seimei-jinja Shrine was built by Emperor Ichijo (the 66th emperor of Japan (July 15, 980 to July 25, 1011), during the middle Heian Period). The Seimei Matsuri Festival, celebrated each year on the autumnal equinox, is the most important event at Seimei Shrine. Led by a youth fife-and-drum corps, a procession of about 500 participants including a ‘Hoko’ (a type of beautifully ornamented festival float, ‘Yaotome’ (eight shrine maidens who perform ancient Kagura shinto music and dance), and a ‘Mikoshi’ (a portable shrine) parade the streets of Kyoto’s Nishijin district for up to five hours.


The five-pointed star is the symbol of Seimei-jinja Shrine. It looks cool as an emblem on their backs.


This is the mikoshi portable shrine. Each man wears a ‘Happi’ (happi coat) to carry the ‘mikoshi’ around through the streets.


Though it is not a very large shrine, crowds of people visit on festival days.


Food stalls line the walkways near the shrine entrance. A lot of fun for the children.

Address 806 Seimeicho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 602-8222, Japan
Tel 075-441-6460
Refarence Seimei Festival is held each year on the autumnal equinox
Access 2 minute walk from City Bus Stop HorikawaImadegawa
2 minute walk from City Bus Stop IchijoModoribashi-SeimeiJinja-Mae
12 minute walk from Subway KarasumaImadegawa Station

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