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ShinrinSyokudo is a curry shop in a residential area near Nijo Castle. The owner, Mr. Hori, originally got his start in the curry catering business. Then, after trying to start a shop for 6 years, he finally got the real restaurant he had been dreaming of in March 2000. Surrounded by greenery just as the name would suggest, at a location in a neighborhood that retains an old-fashioned urban atmosphere, the restaurant looks like it will provide a stimulating, piquant experience, just like the spices in the curry. So, just what kind of curry does Mr. Hori serve here, having made the step up from caterer to real restaurant owner? I went to his shop filled with anticipation.



The restaurant is very open, with the door facing the street removed. There are many plants inside as well along with tables and chairs of different shapes and sizes as well as paintings, bowls, and the like, lending an artsy feel to the restaurant interior. In the back of the restaurant, there is a space you can go into after taking off your shoes.


And this is the curry I’ve been looking forward to!
On this day, we had the spinach curry with slow-grown chicken and chickpeas dal curry combo plate. The dish looks very colorful, with rice in the middle of the leaf-shaped plate and curry on each side, along with chickpeas crackers as an accompaniment. The bone-in chicken in the spinach curry is sprawled across the plate. It is easy to eat, cooked so soft that the meat comes apart easily with a spoon, and the meat is nice and flavorful too. The moment I starting eating the dal curry, I tasted the gentle flavor of the fluffy chickpeas. After that, the well-balanced spiciness slowly took effect. These curries did a good job bringing out the delicious flavor of the actual ingredients while limiting the spiciness. They were both awesome!
The rice portion is made with their own homemade rice(grown in Nara Prefecture yamazoe-mura). It is apparently a blend of three types of rice, including 10% polished Koshihikari, white Koshihikari, and black rice. It is moderately sticky, so it it goes well with curry, and the nice and chewy texture of the black rice was good.




Even now, he still operates the catering business, going out to events and the like to serve curry. For that reason, the restaurant sometimes closes irregularly, so you should check the home page.
You should definitely try this curry if you come to Kyoto. Especially if you are coming to Nijo Castle as a tourist, you should be sure to come and check out ShinrinSyokudo!


Address 24−4 Nishinokyo Uchihatacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel 075-202-6665
Open 11:30a.m. - 10:00p.m.
*Closed irregularly - please check the calendar on the shops website
URL http://shinrin-syokudo.com/
Access 10 minute walk from JR Nijojo Station
10 minute walk from Subway Nijojo-mae Station

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