Süßes Vegetus

ズーセス ヴェゲトゥス
Area North
Category Cafe / food


Adorable baumkuchen made into round shapes with little circle patterns. "Süßes Vegetus" sets up shop in Kyoto’s Shichiku, Kita-ku. Owner Mika Mori originally worked as a pharmacist at a hospital, but through her work she became acutely aware of the importance of food. She started thinking about providing meals and sweet confections that even allergy patients could eat safely. Mori was inspired by a patient who said she wanted to eat sweets, but there were few that she could eat safely. Mori set out to learn to confectionary, and after undergoing training in Germany obtained the title of meister, the highest title an artisan can get. And now she is opening a shop in Kyoto, where she was born and raised. You should definitely try the excellent baumkuchen made with carefully selected ingredients by Ms. Mori.


The first thing you’ll notice is that they have a chewy texture that differs from what is generally sold in Japan. In addition, they are moist, and the sweetness is relatively light. The circle patterns have a special significance, which is that if the produce cultivated from the land and water are provided as ingredients from which products are made and delivered to the customer, then everything is connected. Further, it signifies the store’s concept that, from encounters with people who come to the store, new bonds are formed, and harmonious circles are created between people.



If you look hard you might find symbols of circles here and there inside the shop... You can also dine-in on the baumkuchen that you purchase. There is a little courtyard within the shop. You might enjoy dining in and looking at the garden while you eat.


The shop is a remodeled merchant’s house. Having baumkuchen in a shop that is a traditional Kyoto building... it’s a bit of a strange feeling. The shop is a wonderful blend of East and West.

Address 16 Shichiku Shimotakedonocho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 603-8412, Japan
Tel 075-634 -5908
Open Tuesday - Thursday : 11:00am - 7:00pm
Language Japanese, German
URL http://www.sv-baum.com/index.htm
Access City Bus Stop Shimotakedonocho
5 minute walk from City Bus Stop Shimogishicho

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