Zuishin-in Temple

随心院 (ずいしんいん)
Area South
Category Temple


Zuishinin is the head temple of the Zentuji faction of the Jodo Shin Sect. It was founded in 991 by ‘Ningai’ (951-1046), an 8th-generation disciple of ‘Kobo-Daishi’ (The Grand Master Who Propagated the Buddhist Teaching). It is also known as a temple with strong connections to Ono-no-Komachi, famous as a beautiful woman with great skill in Waka poetry, and in the main hall garden there is a stone monument with Waka poetry that she created. Many other items connected to her are also on display. Since Zuishinin is not in central Kyoto, there are fewer visitors, so it is very quiet and pleasant. On the other side is a plum garden with more than 230 trees. The temple is a sight to see in the spring when the plums are in full bloom.


You enter the ‘So-mon’ gate, and the path continued to the ‘San-mon’ gate. In front and to the right is the plum garden. Pass through the ‘San-mon’ gate to the Kuri(Priests' quarters). From here, you can see inside the building.


Here is a look inside.


Many items connected to Ono-no-Komachi are on display, such as a folding screen depicting her and this stone monument with Waka poetry.


The lovely gardens include a pond. In fall the red leaves are also exquisite, and nighttime illumination events are held.

Address 35 Onogoryocho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, 607-8257, Japan
Tel 075-571-0025
Open 9:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.
Admission 400yen (The main temple and garden)
400yen (plum garden : end of February - beginning of April)
Access 3 minute walk from City Bus Stop Ono
3 minute walk from Subway Ono Station

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